7 Best Streaming Services for Kids – A Parent’s Guide

Table of Contents:

  • 1.      Nickelodeon
  • 2.      Netflix
  • 3.      Disney+
  • 4.      PBS Kids
  • 5.      Cartoon Network
  • 6.      The LEGO Channel
  • 7.      YouTube Kids

Being stuck at home is not fun, not one bit, and this quarantine does not seem as though it will come to an end anytime soon. This is even problematic for those individuals that are stuck at home with their kids.

With kids, you have to keep them occupied, entertained, and educated. Fortunately, you can do all of these things by opting for the best streaming service for kids. But which streaming service should you opt for? Here is a list of the best streaming services for kids you can choose from.

1.      Nickelodeon

When it comes to entertainment for kids, Nickelodeon is one streaming service that comes at the very top of the list. This top entertainment provider has an award-winning mobile app, referred to as Nick. This is a must-have app for your kids, featuring popular shows like The Fairly Odd Parents, Spongebob Squarepants, and more. But that is not all; kids can even play games, participate in polls, and watch animated shorts.

Apart from videos, there is a lot of interactive content on Nickelodeon. It even has a customizable program guide. Do keep in mind, though, Nickelodeon is not suitable for young kids, and you will need your cable provider login to take advantage of the app.

2.      Netflix

Out of all the streaming services on this list, Netflix is one of the most popular platforms due to its massive library of content. The streaming platform has something for everyone and has an entire library dedicated to kids.

Netflix allows you to create profiles, and you can create one specifically for kids. As impressive as Netflix is, it desperately needs a PIN feature to restrict kids from accessing adult profiles.

As for content, Netflix has plenty to keep kids entertained for hours on end. Your kids will love the exclusive shows on Netflix, like Voltron, She-Ra, and more.

3.      Disney+

While Netflix does not allow content blocking for younger kids, Disney+ does. But then again, there are not many adult options to be wary of, like Netflix. Of course, there are still things you would not want your six-year-old watching, and Disney+ makes it easy to block such content.

On the other hand, you cannot go wrong with Disney+ for your kids. It has the mother lode of kid’s content, and it will only set you back by $7 per month! That is a lot of content for such a nominal price.

4.      PBS Kids

If your kids love the PBS Kids channel on television, they will feel the same way about the app. Your kids will be able to watch all their favorite PBS Kids shows at any given time. The PBS Kids app offers thousands of videos from well-known shows like Sesame Street, Curious George, and more. The app also has a “Weekly Pick” section that offers new educational videos every week.

The app has a ton of content for kids to sink their teeth into, and clips can be shared via social media or email. The only problem with PBS Kids is that the autoplay feature cannot be disabled.

5.      Cartoon Network

There is hardly any kid who does not like Cartoon Network, so your kids will love its app. With Cartoon Network, your kids will be able to watch their favorite cartoons for free. Moreover, additional content can be unlocked by signing in. Here, you will find complete episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, and more.

Cartoon Network offers access to many popular cartoons anytime, but it suffers due to many ads. Also, a cable provider login is required for some content.

6.      The LEGO Channel

Yes, there is a LEGO channel!

The LEGO Channel has enough content to keep your kids entertained, so you will not have to worry about running out of content for your kids to watch. The amount of LEGO content is mind-boggling, and there are a ton of LEGO categories to check out. The LEGO Channel has everything from LEGO news, LEGO shorts, LEGO shows, and much more.

The LEGO Channel is entirely free, with a few commercials here and there.

7.      YouTube Kids

Many people are unaware that YouTube has launched a dedicated version of its app for kids. YouTube Kids saves you the time of finding content for your kids. The app has a different interface, with lots of colors and big images. There is a lot of content that will appeal to younger audiences, and YouTube Kids even comes with parental control for search, optional timer, and sound.

YouTube Kids has robust parental controls and has content for all 8-to-12-year-olds. On the flip side, unless Approved Content Only has not been enabled, videos not reviewed and potentially questionable could slip through.

With the streaming services mentioned above, you will find it easier to entertain and educate your kids during these testing times. You can opt for one or more streaming services for a bit of variety, which your kids will surely appreciate.

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