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Table of Contents:

  • Stay Secure While Torrenting and Streaming
  • Most Popular Anime Streaming Sites Are Blocked? Here is Why
  • Streaming VPN – Why Do I Need a VPN For Streaming Kickass Anime
  • Which is The Best Streaming Website For Japanese Anime?
  • Which is The Best Streaming Website For the Philippines
  • Which Is The Fastest Anime Streaming Site?
  • Conclusion

Love watching anime movies and series? We’re not surprised! Japanese anime has revolutionized the animated entertainment world with supremely gripping watches like Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball-Z! If you’ve been a fan of anime for a while, you’re probably already familiar with Anime Kickass—one of the best sites for watching anime.

However, like a lot of free sites, some countries have limited and even blocked access to Anime Kickass. If you live in one of those countries, not to worry! We’ve compiled an awesome list of ELEVEN alternatives to Kickass Anime that you can visit to make sure you don’t miss out on any of them!

But first, let’s talk a little about maintaining online security while you visit sites like Anime Kickass.

Stay Secure While Torrenting and Streaming

While torrenting and streaming online is GREAT, it’s just not the safest thing in the world—and can even expose you to cybercrimes, malware, and data theft while also sending your data back to companies to reuse for targeted marketing campaigns.

Aside from that, many sites that offer access to free content are blocked by companies due to copyright claims(like Anime Kickass), which means you can’t really open them while using your local server.

One of the best ways to avoid all these dangers, protect your data from being stolen, used, or even misused, while unlocking geo-restricted content is to use a VPN service with ­kickass reviews! (See what we did there?)

Like Ivacy!

Ivacy gives you military-grade encryption, ensuring a supreme level of online security and privacy, greatly reducing your risk of landing into cyber trouble by connecting to you to a remote server, helping you watch anime kickass, movies, and TV shows for free—to your heart’s content.

Interested in watching anime kickass? Check out Ivacy here. 

Best Kickass Anime Alternate Sites That Are Working in 2021 – FREE

Now that we have all of that out of the way, let’s get into the real meat of the matter. If you are unable to access Anime Kickass, here are eleven of the best ever alternatives that are still working perfectly fine in 2021—along with their mirror sites.

Sidenote: This is a notice to switch your VPN ON before visiting any of these sites to ensure anonymity and security. If you don’t have one, get Ivacy here.

Okay, all set? Let’s go!

1. Anime-Planet


Worried about legal issues? Can’t load up anime kickass? With Anime-Planet you can easily browse through a library of 45,000 legal industry-supported Anime series and episodes—for free! Aside from letting you enjoy as many anime as you want, the site also lets you create your own watchlist of series and episodes that you can pick up from where you left off.

Not only that, since most anime-fans are also deeply involved in manga—or Japanese comic books, the site also hosts an entire collection of gripping and interesting numbers. We’re already loving it more than Anime Kickass, aren’t you?

Last but not the least, if you’re looking for a sense of community and bonding with likeminded people over your mutual love for anime (and manga), head over to the sites community tab where you’ll find anime reviews, manga reviews, challenges, and site news among many more options!

Feel like Anime-Planet could be your new Anime Kickass? Here’s the link.

2. Animelab


Love anime but keep missing half the show all because you get too caught up reading subtitles because you don’t understand Japanese? This site is for you!

Created primarily for an Australian and New Zealander audience, Animelab is another free alternative to Anime Kickass that offers its users access to dubbed anime so they can enjoy the show in English, without having to look at the subtitles.

For people outside of New Zealand and Australia, the site has a dedicated application that is available on both, Google Play Store and Apple Store. Apart from that, the website also offers access to Japanese simulcasts to support the studio so they can continue producing great content for their fans!

Ready to make the switch from Anime Kickass? Find Animelab here!

3.      KissAnime


Another great site to catch some anime for free if you don’t have access to kickass Anime is KissAnime. As one of the OGs of the free anime world, helping millions of global users get access to their favorite shows and movies, KissAnime has garnered quite the fanbase for itself over the years, also being termed as “one of the world’s biggest streaming anime websites”

The website hosts links and embedded shows that let its users catch episodes online, as well as download movies and shows for free, alot like Anime Kickass. KissAnime is also a sister site to manga website called KissManga.

Can’t help but want to visit? Off you go.

Kissanime Mirror Sites

If the link above doesn’t work in your country, and you can’t access Anime Kickass either, try one of these mirror or proxy sites to get access to Kissanime’s content.


4.      Viz


Even though the collection over at Viz may be much smaller than other, more popular sites, it is high-quality, you’ll find no missing episodes, and you can watch both, subbed, and dubbed versions of the shows available.

The site features most of the popular shows like Naruto and Sailor Moon, hosting every single episode that was ever aired in the effect of showing support to the creators and publishers of the shows. Impressed? There’s more! In addition to watching series and shows on Viz for free, you can also purchase digital anime from the site to be able to stream from anywhere in the world and at any time – a feature that wasn’t supported by the OG Anime Kickass.

Purchasing digital anime not only supports such sites and platforms, but is also much easier, cheaper, and more accessible than collecting the physical Blu-ray sets.

Feel like it could be a good Anime Kickass alternative for you?

Try out Viz here.

5.      Anime Simple


Happy with the list so far? Next up, we have Anime Simple. Much newer as compared to its longer-running competitors, Anime Simple still packs a lot of punch by providing a whole range of anime series and movies to its users for free.

As another great Anime Kickass alternative, this site primarily focuses on subbed anime, and hosts a mix of both old and newer series. From .hack to Titan and Attack, this site won’t leave you disappointed. If you’re not a fan of ads, however, this site might not be for you.

In any case, if you don’t find a new show anywhere, and you can’t access Anime Kickass either, there’s a high chance that you’ll find on Anime Simple.

6.      DubHappy


Looking for a reliable online space to get access to dubbed anime without having to pay for it? DubHappy might just be what you’ve been looking for all along. Having been operating for a long time, this site hosts a wide range of old and new watches, and even a chatbox on its homepage to encourage a sense of community.

Having trouble deciding which anime to watch next? Feeling lonely because you Anime Kickass won’t load up? Simply open the chatbox and talk to millions of anime fans from all around the world, discuss favorites and ask for suggestions.

If you’re particularly looking at Japanese language anime with subtitles, the site has them too! If you don’t like annoying ads, you’ll be pretty happy with this one.

Explore DubHappy here.

DubHappy mirror sites

Can’t access DubHappy from the link above and you’re already missing Anime Kickass? Try this mirror site!

7.      GoGoAnime


As an excellent and super accessible free resource that hosts over 2000 anime, GoGoAnime is an option you will always feel safe visiting, maybe even more so than Anime Kickass. Letting you watch both dubbed, and subbed episodes, this platform has something for everyone.

If you’re not really a fan of subbed anime, this site also features a whole different section that is dedicated to dubbed anime so you won’t have to go looking for dubs, which is even better than Anime Kickass! Aside from that, the site comes with a powerful search feature that lets you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Its wide range of features makes it one of the top free sites for streaming anime online. Interested in checking it out? Knock yourself out!

GoGoAnime Mirror Sites

If the link above doesn’t open, try one of the proxy links to access the site.


8.      Chia-Anime


Just like Anime Kickass, Chia Anime is one more popular site where anime-lovers can catch up on their favorite shows and movies for free. With its huge library of primarily subbed anime, the site lets its users access its content from anywhere and any device (some countries might need a VPN to unblock the site if it’s blocked in their country.)

If you’re looking for one platform that will let you re-watch some of the oldest, top-rated anime, as well as stay up to date with all the new ones, after Anime Kickass, this is the site for you. Even though the user interface on this one might feel a little awkward to navigate at first, the site makes up for it with high-quality videos, fast speeds, and its extensive collection.

Even though the site offers brilliant, uninterrupted service, it is worthwhile to note that it does run ads and they do pop up occasionally if you click on the wrong part of the screen which can sometimes get annoying. Aside from that, this is a site we’d highly recommend with everything that Anime Kickass originally had on offer.

Try Chia-Anime here!

Chia-Anime Mirror Sites

If you’re unable to get into Chia-Anime from the link above, it might be blocked in your country. Try these mirror sites instead.




If you’re a fan of clean, minimalist interfaces that don’t have a lot of distractions and are simple to navigate, you’re going to LOVE Much like Anime Kickass, this website is designed to offer a clutter-free, neat, and easy experience which is such a delight to follow, that it makes their lack of variety seem like it’s not a problem at all!

Especially since they do feature the most popular ones.

This focus on popularity also makes the site a great option to visit if you’re not really sure of what to watch next, but want it to be something good.

To make things even better, the site also features manga and doesn’t display a lot of the annoying ads that some other sites do. Overall, a brilliant Anime Kickass alternative!

Try it out here.

10.      Anime Stream


Anime Stream specializes in mostly dubbed anime making the shows more accessible to even younger, non-Japanese anime fans. Keeping the legacy of the original Anime Kickass, this site also lets you sort through its collection by name, keywords, and even genre—in case you’re on the hunt for something new and worth-watching in a particular genre.

Not convinced? Try this: the site lets you take your pick from over 3000 series that it hosts, completely free of cost—with more being added to the collection frequently! Not only that, you can also find anime that is currently being aired, complete with high quality episodes as they air. Another great advantage is that ads on the site don’t get annoying.

After Anime Kickass, want to give Anime Stream a shot? Check it out here.

Anime Stream Mirror Sites

If the link above doesn’t work, try this one!

11.      Anime Rebel


As another website that lets you access thousands of free anime on your computer, Anime Rebel is another one of our top 11 Anime Kickass alternatives. The site offers numbers in many genres, appealing to almost all kinds of anime lovers. From action to romance, and even comedy, this site has something for everyone!

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the categories and genres? Try out the super powerful search feature that will sort shows and movies based on name and keywords. Want to try Anime Rebel? Try out your luck here!

Most Popular Anime Streaming Sites Are Blocked? Here is Why

In June of 2020, the Japanese Parliament approved a revised and updated anti-online piracy law to regain and encourage copyright control. This resulted in the banning of sites and other online resources that distributed anime, manga, dramas, music, videos, magazines, and other Japanese media forms.

This new ban was also in response to analysis reports that concluded that piracy websites were causing damages that were estimated to be up to USD 2.7 billion and includes anime websites like Anime Kickass, among others.

Streaming VPN – Why Do I Need a VPN For Streaming Kickass Anime

Due to legal and copyright issues, many countries have blocked free anime sites like Anime Kickass to void legal issues. One way to bypass these geo-restrictions is to use a VPN service that will let you surf the web anonymously and securely.

The service by connecting you a server in the country where the site you’re trying to access isn’t blocked, posing you as a citizen of that country. The same applies to accessing sites like Anime Kickass.

Which is The Best Streaming Website For Japanese Anime?

Some of the best free spaces for watching free Japanese anime are Anime Kickass, Kissanime, and Anime-Planet. If you’re looking for paid options, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix are some of the most popular ones.

Which is The Best Streaming Website For the Philippines

If you’re looking for paid options in the Philippines, Musa Asia, Ani-One, and IQIYI are some of the best ones. For free options, for free options, try Anime-Planet, Anime Kickass, 9anime, or GoGoAnime.

Which Is The Fastest Anime Streaming Site?

Anime Kickass is one of the fasted and most recommended anime streaming sites, with a massive collection of movies and shows to offer and a global fanbase.


Loved these options? Looking to try them out? Don’t forget to tighten up security around your online activities before you get on these sites to make sure that along with unblocking them, you’re also protecting yourself from cybercrimes and malicious cyberattacks that could put the integrity of your personal data at risk while you watch Anime Kickass.

The best way to do that is to use a high-quality VPN service. If you haven’t already subscribed to one, we suggest you check out Ivacy. The product offers a high level of security and comes with three, super-affordable payment plans and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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