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Table of Contents:

  • So What’s Torrenting? And How Does It Work?
  • Is Torrenting Safe/Legal?
  • What is Torrent VPN
  • The benefits and risk of torrenting and p2p
  • How torrenting becomes safer for you, with Ivacy VPN?
  • What is the best VPN for torrenting?
  • Torrenting With A VPN Has Become Essential
  • Does Ivacy work with all P2P clients?
  • Use The BitTorrent Technology Wisely
  • Always Encrypt The Whole System Rather Than Just The Browser
  • The Top 10 Torrent Sites Still Relevant in 2021
  • FAQs

So What’s Torrenting? And How Does It Work?

Torrenting, which is also known as peer-to-peer networking, happens to be one of the most popular methods of sharing files with larger groups of people, making the file-sharing process much simpler and faster. What makes Torrents so unique and efficient when it comes to sharing files with large sizes, is their ability to let numerous users link together and share bandwidth instead of having to rely on a single source for file download.

Alongside downloading from a direct source, torrent users can also download files from the other users of the same torrent. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

However, not everything that shines is gold. Torrenting when taken as a simple act of sharing files is definitely legal. But, the legality can vary and often depend upon the file which is being distributed.  Therefore, if the file being shared is copyrighted or not permitted for public dissemination, in that case, Torrenting is legal.

Keep in mind that some files available on the internet can be unsafe, so downloading them can damage your device. Worse of, share your IP address and personal information to other peers, which becomes easy for ISPs and copyright trolls to track you down. Should that mean you avoid torrenting altogether? No, not until VPNs stop working.

A VPN is the smoothest way to hide your actual IP address and protect your personal information. The best VPNs encrypt your internet traffic and shield your web activities. For these reasons, you can’t be tracked down by third parties, including ISP trolls and cyber-criminals. What a private internet experience!

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Is Torrenting Safe/Legal?

P2P sharing doesn’t exactly fall under the category of online practices considered legal – the main reason why most internet service providers try their best to discourage their customers from it.  However, it’s use cases are all valid and perfectly legal, for instance, the wide distribution of freely accessible data and the easy downloading of extensive volume data.

As far as safety is concerned, all the devices uploading or downloading files on a P2P network have their IP addresses visible to each other. If you’re concerned about online safety, this situation can be troublesome for you.

Wait, there’s more!

Your internet service provider can easily detect the use of P2P and, as a consequence, sanction you by either denying access to file-sharing websites or setting bandwidth limits for you, ultimately slowing down your internet connection.

All in all, Torrenting is a risky business but there is a SOLUTION! You can avoid all these risks entirely, by using a Virtual Private Network!

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What is Torrent VPN

A Torrent VPN is any VPN service that has been optimized for P2P usage and works best in that regard.

Finding the best VPN for torrenting purposes can be a daunting task because VPN services undergo various issues that not only make the whole experience annoying but risky too.

Here are two of the most common ones:

  • IP leaking is a prevalent issue the user faces when torrenting. A lot of VPN services leak IP addresses/DNS requests resulting in the user’s location being found out by third parties including DMCA, ISPs and other government agencies that hold the authority to either sue for copyright violation or impose a huge fine.
  • A lot of VPNs tend to be slow, which can make the whole torrenting experience very frustrating for you.

The benefits and risk of torrenting and p2p

Major production companies that lose revenue due to the torrent business have been actively monitoring suspected IP addresses and blocking them. Depending upon your geographical location, you may end up receiving copyright violation notices from your ISP or legal action requiring you to pay for damages. If you are not using a robust VPN service (that doesn’t leak), you may end up compromising your identity and face the music for copyright violations.

What Does Your ISP See When You Are Torrenting?

Have you received such a warning or alert from your browser? These notices mean that you are downloading some copyrighted material from the internet and your internet service provider has been notified about it. ISPs usually have very good tracking software and they can know if you are using a torrent network. That means your ISP is watching you while you are browsing torrent and through your IP address, your details like location, name, etc have been revealed already.

ISP Notices Torrent Traffic & Restrains Your Connection

ISPs want to know how much bandwidth you are consuming, slowing down everyone else’s bandwidth down. So, your ISP will simply slow down your connection if you are using BitTorrent. They will just check what kind of traffic is coming from your IP address. It is okay if most of it is email, web browsing, chat, online gaming, online shopping, etc.  If there is BitTorrent traffic too, they slow down the speed.

ISP Gets Information from the Media Companies

Downloading illegal media is not advisable in any circumstance. The company from where you are downloading illegal, copyright media will actually go online and download torrents of their own material. Be it movies, music, TV show or anything else.

Though some torrent clients offer different encryption options, it is not sure that they will protect you. There is a network of monitoring nodes that these media companies run and rely on. These nodes are able to join torrent swarms and collect IP addresses and connection data of the infringement parties. In case your torrent client connects with any of the monitoring nodes and your VPN fails to protect you, your identity is at risk, your data could be leaked easily.

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Copyright holders are after you

Most copyright holders hire third parties to track online piracy activities. These companies track down IP addresses through torrent magnets, and then they locate and go after people torrenting.

Even if you don’t plan on breaking copyright laws, it can still happen to you. For example, let’s say you torrent a book that’s public domain. If it features a cover copyrighted by a publishing house, congrats! You’re infringing on a copyright.

In most parts of the world, you get fined for breaking copyright. But other countries, like the UK, are considering jail time for repeated copyright infringement.

The legal ramifications depend on the country you’re in, its laws, the copyright holders’ intent, and your ISP’s policy. But torrenting copyrighted material is not your safest bet.

Your Internet Service Provider is watching

Often, Internet Service Providers are required by law to make sure their customers don’t do anything illegal online, and this includes copyright infringement. If they notice anything suspicious, they have to report it to the authorities.

In other cases, ISPs might simply be protecting their interests. Torrenting takes up a lot of bandwidth, and this can cost extra. Cue P2P traffic throttling.

P2P traffic is easily distinguishable by analyzing the ports and the protocols used. UDP packets can also be detected and flagged, and this method is used when users choose to configure ports manually.

Using TOR can significantly slow up your speeds while configuring nodes and ports can be challenging for users who are not tech-savvy. Open ports also pose a security risk.

There is an easier way to secure your downloads: Ivacy VPN.

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How torrenting becomes safer for you, with Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy VPN keeps no personally identifying logs, which is why it’s considerably safer for torrenting with uTorrent or any other BitTorrent client.

Here are the other main features Ivacy VPN has to offer which make it the best VPN for torrenting:

Your IP address is secured

When you launch Ivacy VPN and connect to one of its remote VPN servers, you replace the real IP address with that of the Ivacy servers, enabling you to hide your location and staying private as you download the files over P2P networks.

Prevents Bandwidth Throttling

Ivacy VPN ensures that your ISP is rendered unable to detect the sharing of files, thereby letting you avoid any bandwidth throttling meant to mess up your experience.

Highest Possible Anonymity with the Encryption of all traffic

With Ivacy VPN, the P2P files or any other kind of data you send or receive goes through a strongly encrypted virtual tunnel. It means your personal information remains hidden from any ISPs thanks to AES-256 security. This level of encryption is crucial to ensure that any third party isn’t snooping around.

No Logs Policy

Ivacy VPN is a service that happens to be log-less; it does not record or save any information relating to your online activities. Since it does not collect any information in the first place, it can never be coerced or pressured into giving away information relating to the users.

Port forwarding

Ivacy VPN offers the port forwarding feature which means that it protects the servers and clients against any unwanted access, adding an extra layer of security as a result.

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What is the best VPN for torrenting?

Ivacy VPN is a P2P-friendly VPN service, with all the safeguards you may need for torrenting.

With Ivacy VPN, your P2P experience becomes both fast and incredibly secure. While some VPN providers tend to limit your file-sharing by messing up your bandwidth or slowing down the connection, Ivacy VPN has no such limits.

Ivacy VPN has P2P servers in numerous locations around the world and optimized for file sharing purposes. In case your VPN connection runs into any issues, you have the Automatic Kill Switch option, ensuring that the IP address is never leaked or exposed. It ensures that either the apps are shutdown beforehand or the internet access gets disabled.

Ivacy VPN also supports Bitcoin payments, which means that you are covered if you need a higher level of anonymity as you download torrents.

Apart from it all, Ivacy VPN protects everything you do online with military-grade encryption.

Ivacy VPN maintains a constant reputation for relatively higher download speeds (ranked among the fastest VPNs in the world) and offers unlimited bandwidth coupled with P2P support across all servers. You have the option of picking a server manually or using the smart location option to connect to the nearest server.

All these factors make Ivacy the best vpn for torrenting when privacy is your top priority while torrenting.

Torrenting With A VPN Has Become Essential

Torrenting without a VPN means you are at risk of receiving threatening letters by the copyright Nazis. But using a VPN can hide your IP address and ensure that your IP address is not visible to the other peers as you download a torrent. The best VPN services use shared IP addresses which means that it’s next to impossible for anyone to trace your activity to a specific location.

Moreover, sometimes VPN failure can occur due to DNS leaks, thereby threatening your anonymity. A DNS leak happens when your ISP successfully tracks your internet activity due to system failure. However, using a VPN service that has built-in leak protection, such as, Ivacy VPN can secure your browsing.

In some cases, the VPN connection may also break down, while you are online and downloading torrents. To avoid this situation, VPN companies put in safety features that make your information completely safe. A VPN kill switch is one of those essential features. It automatically disconnects you from the internet, until such a time that the VPN connection is restored. Thus, there is no chance of your IP address getting out there by accident.

Torrenting without a VPN can quite easily prove to be quite detrimental to your online safety. It is essential for you to use a VPN.

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Does Ivacy work with all P2P clients?

Ivacy VPN works with all torrent programs, including uTorrent, BitTorrent, and Deluge flawlessly and without requiring any additional setting up, as evidenced by extensive testing conducted by third parties.

In all aspects, Ivacy VPN is the best VPN for Torrenting. It offers high-end security measures that keep your data safe and ensure that there are no leaks. A kill switch is also included, which blocks all outgoing traffic if the VPN connection fails.

Additionally, Ivacy VPN operates out of Hong Kong where data privacy laws don’t apply, and hence it is not obligated to share user’s data. Ivacy VPN has a verified and legitimate No Logs policy, which means no data on your online activities can be collected.

Use The BitTorrent Technology Wisely

Again, what makes torrenting illegal in some countries is the data that is being shared in it. If you use torrents for legitimate file sharing, such as sharing legitimate software (mostly open-source software), public domain books, free music (indie music), free movies, and anything that doesn’t infringe the copyright of any company or person, then you are completely free to use BitTorrent as much as you want. But, even though you choose to download copyrighted materials using torrents, it is still your choice and your own responsibility.

What you need to do is to ensure that you are using BitTorrent technology wisely. Be aware of the laws in your country and how generally the people in your community use this technology. Mostly, avoid using it for illegal file-sharing activity if you know that the authorities will enforce laws and persecute you right away.

Always Encrypt The Whole System Rather Than Just The Browser

When using VPN for torrenting, don’t apply the VPN system only on your browser. There are some VPN services that provide browser extensions that allow you to activate their private connection only on your browser. However, it is always beneficial for you to encrypt the network in the whole system.

It is always better to install the VPN software on your PC or any other device so that all software used within the computer will only send and transfer data via the VPN connection. This is beneficial to ensure maximum security and privacy while you use the torrenting sites as well as when you browse the internet normally.

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The Top 10 Torrent Sites Still Relevant in 2021

Torrent sites have become more popular than streaming sites in recent years as more and more people prefer to torrent rather than streaming. However, torrent sites have historically faced the wrath of not only the governments but the content creators and the copyright police. But, despite the intense pressure exerted by so many forces that do not want the public to avail of the freely available content, torrents have prevailed.

Many torrent sites have fallen in the battle after succumbing to the attempts made at shutting them down, for instance, Demonoid, Kickass and the old YIFY, but others are doing a great job at keeping the TORRENT flag flying.

The Pirate Bay continues to be the top site for torrents despite a few ups and downs, showing stability over the past few years. A few sites may have switched places when it comes to their rankings but overall the torrent world is showing stability, with none of the major sites disappearing on the horizon.

Even promisingly, two new entrants have been welcomed by the torrent world including, the game-oriented ‘Fitgirl Repacks’ and the Indian site ‘Tamil Rockers’ which has taken the torrent world by storm.

Here is a list of the top ten most-visited torrent sites entering into 2021 in terms of overall popularity and features:

1. The Pirate Bay

Carrying a history of more than 16 years, the Pirate Bay remains to be the most viable option for downloading and uploading torrents. Despite experiencing some downtime in 2018, ThePirateBay has had a relatively smooth year, managing to operate through its various proxies.

2. – an unofficial successor to the defunct YTS or YIFY torrents, focuses on popular movie releases from around the globe. It has so far been the target of a number of lawsuits in the US but has persisted nevertheless and continues to remain online.

2. 1337x

1337x continues to be one of the best sources of the best movies, TV shows and docu-series. Unlike the other sites, 1337x has a loyal group of uploaders providing adding fresh content routinely.


Founded in 2008, RARBG is well-known for its high-quality video releases including audio, videos, software, movies and so on.

5. is the most well-known resurrection of the anime torrent site – NYAA. Despite intense competition from the other pirate streaming sites, the portal has continued to do better and has jumped up in the overall rankings.

6. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 launched as a replacement for the original site, which voluntarily closed its doors in 2016. The site doesn’t host any torrent files but remains a popular meta-search engine.


The original TV-torrent distribution group EZTV shut down after a hostile takeover in 2015, with new owners claiming ownership of the brand. The group switched to a new domain last year and was inadvertently blocked in the Netherlands because it shared an IP-address with The Pirate Bay.

8. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents has been around for more than ten years. Like many other entries in this list, it is blocked by ISPs in countries around the world, which seems to hurt overall traffic somewhat.

10. Fitgirl Repacks

Fitgirl Repacks is by no means a traditional torrent site. It is the home of a popular group that releases slimmed-down cracked versions of popular games, which keeps download times to a minimum. They publish torrents on other sites but also offer magnet links of their own, which is why we included the site here.

10. Tamil Rockers

The torrent site TamilRockers is infamous in India, where it has its home base. However, as it’s available in English, the site is used worldwide. Despite several enforcement actions and arrests of alleged admins and operators, the site is thriving.

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Here are some of the most asked questions about torrenting and VPNs:

1- uTorrent – What is it?

Otherwise known as µTorrent, uTorrent is the most efficient BitTorrent client available online. Since Utorrent uses the BitTorrent peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing protocol, it offers a very potent way to transmit larger volumes of data.

2- What is the difference between uTorrent and BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is the protocol used by the uTorrent application and also the name of a similar application, also owned by BitTorrent, Inc. You can easily use both of these utilities for downloading files.

3- Is Ivacy VPN Safe for Torrenting Purposes?

Ivacy VPN keeps no logs that could lead to your identification online. Therefore, it’s completely safe to use for torrenting, no matter which client you use. All your browsing history, search history, and location-related information are hidden from the ISP. due to the state-of-the-art 256-bit AES encryption.

4- What are some of the legal ways uTorrent can be used?

Despite the fact that torrents are often closely associated with illegal activities, you can use uTorrent for many legitimate reasons, for instance:

  • Accessing content from the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a nonprofit, that makes published works available for Internet users, including the following:

Old versions of webpages

News videos pertaining to live TV

Public-domain movies that are larger in size than usual

  • Linux versions

A lot of popular Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora present the option of using Torrents as an alternative.

  • Academic Purposes

Extensive data research often requires very large databases that can constitute large sizes, which is why it is a good idea to rely on Torrents to download them.

5- How does a VPN work?

A VPN or virtual private network works by employing advanced encryption systems that allow data transfer between two parties through a secure encrypted tunnel. As a result, any third parties are rendered unable to interfere and read the data.

6- Is torrenting safe?

Torrenting without a VPN is not safe. However, by using a VPN such as Ivacy that provides servers optimized for torrenting, including PPTP protocols and OpenVPN, you can make it safe.

7- Should I go for a VPN or proxy for torrenting?

In any circumstances, a VPN is always better than a proxy for torrenting purposes. Proxy services also do not offer kill switches – a prerequisite for security and they also do not actively support torrenting, unlike the VPN providers.

8- What if my VPN disconnects suddenly?

It mainly depends on what kind of a VPN you have chosen. But in any case, if the VPN service stops working, it can be a sign of trouble, primarily if the service doesn’t provide a fail-safe to protect you against such contingency. Ivacy VPN delivers a kill-switch feature to ensure that your personal information and location remains hidden even in such a case.

If you are looking for a fast, highly secure and user-friendly VPN service for torrenting purposes, Ivacy VPN is your best bet!

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