Ivacy VPN Receives Security Certification from ioXt

Table of Contents:

  • A Little About the ioXt Alliance
  • ioXt Evaluation for Ivacy VPN
  • About the Ivacy VPN and ioXt Alliance
  • Embrace a New Industry Standard

Smartphones and apps are more common now than ever before, and it would be difficult to do without them. But you need to ask yourself whether your devices are safe and secure. How do you know your information is not being collected and sold to third parties? How do you know which apps to trust? Fortunately, this is a lot easier now.

Ivacy VPN is proud to announce that it is one of the very few VPN providers out there to be certified by the ioXt Alliance. With this certification, users can rest easy knowing their online privacy and security are well-guarded.

A Little About the ioXt Alliance

The ioXt Alliance includes some heavy hitters like Comcast, Amazon, and Google, to name a few. The Alliance is responsible for setting privacy and security standards to be met regarding the Internet of Things. The ioXt Alliance analyzes products and certifies them for compliance.

Users looking into ioXt certified products can rest easy knowing their data is not being misused without their consent.

Apart from IoT products, ioXt has expanded its horizons to cater to VPN apps as well. Ivacy VPN is one of the very few VPN providers that has received an ioXt certification for its security standards, making a precedent for others to follow.

ioXt Evaluation for Ivacy VPN

So how did ioXt evaluate Ivacy VPN? The Alliance examined the following factors:

  1. Cryptography strength and reputation
  2. Authentication requirements for user accounts
  3. Encryption protocols employed
  4. Security features enabled by default

About the Ivacy VPN and ioXt Alliance

Ivacy VPN takes great pride in receiving ioXt’s seal of approval and considers it an accomplishment for its dedication towards empowering its users. Ivacy VPN, which is already a part of the VPN Trust Initiative, will continue its efforts to maintain transparency while giving users a private and secure digital environment to enjoy.

Embrace a New Industry Standard

Considering that the ioXt Alliance aims to create industry-wide compliance, it will not be long before users are free from VPN providers with ill intent. Alliances like the VPN Trust Initiative and the ioXt Alliance will undoubtedly keep users informed about what VPN services they should opt for and which they should stay clear of entirely.

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Original source: https://www.ivacy.com/blog/ivacy-vpn-receives-ioxt-certification/