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It’s almost a decade since BitTorrent made its debut in the year 2007. And so you want to use BitTorrent anonymously? Don’t you? It has become one of the most commonly used protocols for online file transfer. It supports peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing. So that’s the prime reason behind using anonymous BitTorrent so that nobody can catch you red-handed.

Some interesting statistics about online piracy

  • 70% of internet users don’t find anything wrong with online piracy
  • 67% of digital piracy websites are hosted in North America and Western Europe
  • 98% of data transferred via P2P file sharing consists of copyrighted material
  • 53 billion visits to torrent websites yearly. Three billion visits are from the United States only.

Now, these are really significant statistics.

To remain safe against the clutches of law, all users want to use a secure and anonymous BitTorrent client to download their favorite torrent files from the internet.

But the question remains: How to stay anonymous while using BitTorrent? In simpler terms, can you make BitTorrent anonymous? Well, you can use a BitTorrent anonymizer to enjoy complete privacy online and download files with an anonymous BitTorrent client in place.

All torrent lovers spend hours over the web in search of a secure BitTorrent client so that no one can breach into their private online space, and they can download torrents anonymously right from their favorite BitTorrent client.

In this blog, you will learn about five ways to stay anonymous while using BitTorrent.

1. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

One of the best ways to remain anonymous while using anonymous BitTorrent is to catch up with a fast, reliable, and affordable virtual private network (VPN). Either you are bothered by constant ISP throttling or finding it difficult to access any restricted website; then a VPN is your best choice.

A VPN not only helps you use anonymous BitTorrent but also cloaks your original IP address with a pseudo IP address of its own. Thus a VPN makes it difficult for your ISP to recognize you while using BitTorrent anonymously.

A good paid VPN service not only shields you against the ill-fated hack attacks or identity theft incidents but also helps you make use of secure BitTorrent with complete ease by encrypting your data that you want to transfer or share over the web.

With a trusted VPN service in place, you can access any restricted website from any location on the planet Earth within minutes. Breathtakingly fast speed, optimum performance, strong 256-bit encryption, easy-to-use features, strategic global presence, assertive customer support are some of the factors that make a VPN stand out when it comes to staying anonymous while using BitTorrent protocol.

2. Use Proxy Server

Just like a VPN, you can also use a proxy server – or more precisely – proxies to conceal your identity and stay safe while using secure BitTorrent. By using a proxy, you can quickly become an anonymous BitTorrent user with minimal effort.

Proxy servers act just like camouflage to hide and filter your online data – that you want to share or download from an anonymous BitTorrent client from the prying eyes of your ISP and other third-party intruders.

Do remember one thing. There are a large number of proxy servers available. You must opt for the one proxy server that fulfills your needs to the fullest and that falls within your budget to safely and securely use anonymous BitTorrent.

3. Use Seedbox

Most anonymous BitTorrent users are well aware of ‘Seedbox.’ If you are seriously into downloading anonymous torrents, then a seedbox should be your premium choice. It’s dedicated to high-speed P2P file sharing and anonymous torrent downloading practice.

A Seedbox works independently as a remote server and helps you use an anonymous BitTorrent client to download your favorite torrent files with complete online safety. Once the seedbox is in place, you don’t have to worry about your IP address leak or any data misuse by any online hacker, cyberbully or data snooper. It’s just as safe as you can imagine.

One of the best advantages of using a seedbox is that it facilitates high-speed data transfer without compromising your IP address. Once the torrent file is downloaded on the seedbox, users can download their desired files to their personal computers by using a fast internet connection.

4. Use Domain Name System (DNS)

A domain name server (DNS) comes in handy when you decide to download torrents from the internet using an anonymous BitTorrent. The DNS actually translates your favorite domain name into an IP address. It works just like a BitTorrent anonymizer.

While downloading torrents through a secure BitTorrent client, you can easily bypass DNS lookup threat. Just type the IP address in your browser and start downloading torrent files while keeping your data invaders at bay. Thanks to BitTorrent anonymizer.

With a smart DNS in place, your web browsing and torrent downloading experience becomes much more manageable. You don’t have to keep your own IP address book after all. The smart DNS will manage the huge database of IP addresses for you. Hence, you don’t have to worry a bit about your online security and privacy while using an anonymous BitTorrent client.

5. Use NOMOS

ANOMOS is an encrypted multi-P2P file distribution protocol that works under the influence of a peer/tracker concept related to BitTorrent. You can take ANOMOS as a BitTorrent anonymizer that uses an onion routing anonymization layer, coupled with an end-to-encryption technique to provide you the best torrent downloading experience while using an anonymous BitTorrent client on your system.

ANOMOS works for multiple free BitTorrent platforms giving the users the liberty to hide their IP address while downloading torrents anonymously through secure BitTorrent.

But the fact remains that NOMOS is not fully compatible with regular torrent files. It uses its own torrent format. You can take advantage of anonymous BitTorrent while using ANOMOS.

Speed is another issue with ANOMOS, as the downloading speed of torrent files decreases drastically, thus consuming more time to download a torrent file compared to other BitTorrent clients.

This brings us to the end of this blog. In this blog, I have enlisted five of the most commonly used internet users’ tactics to stay anonymous while using anonymous BitTorrent protocol. Now, it’s your turn to contribute to this blog with your suggestions. Don’t hesitate to post your comments in the prescribed section below.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now know everything about the best methods of staying anonymous as you use the BitTorrent client. If we left something out and want us to add, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment box below.

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