UFO VPN Review

UFO VPN Review

UFO VPN is pretty unique due to its free tier. There are other who do offer some sort of free plans but UFO VPN offers UNLIMITED data. This is an amazing offer for anyone who uses torrents or who wants to stream their favorite shows on Netflix, BBC or HULU.

In this in-depth review of UFO VPN we will cover both the Free and the paid plans.

UFO VPN Features

  • 2000+ Servers in 50 countries
  • Link up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • Network Kill Switch
  • Zero-logs
  • iOS, Android apps
  • Windows macOS
  • Unlocks Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, etc
  • Unlocks PUBG, Call of Duty, etc
  • 15-day Money-back guarantee
UFO VPN features

UFO VPN has made great progress in the past few years and increased its server base to over 2000 in 50 countries. The full list of countries is available at ufovpn.io

UFO VPN is fairly straightforward and lacks some of the extra bonuses that you might get with some household VPN names like an ad-blocker or Malicious software blocker but it shines in the basic features of a VPN provider. It has plenty of servers and bank-grade encryption to keep you safe online.

UFO VPN security and Privacy

UFO VPN headquarters are in Hong Kong which is considered a safe location for a VPN. Although located close to China and its historical ties to China, Hong Kong has strong privacy laws and it does not belong to any of the global surveillance alliances.

UFO VPN Privacy Policy

You can read the full Privacy Policy of UFO but here are the key things to note.

UFO VPN claims not to collect or log ANY kind of data whatsoever. If this is truly the case then they are the most no-logs VPN we have ever see. Almost all VPNs monitor some data (unidentifiable) like data used or servers connected to improve services. In all of those cases, the data is not stored and can not be tied to any specific user. UFO VPN does not seem to do that. Naturally, an email address is needed for account creation.

Screenshot from UFO VPN Privacy Policy
Screenshot from UFO VPN Privacy Policy

Although UFO claims not to collect any information they say in their Privacy Policy that they may share Personal Information with third-party service providers. This raises some questions.

Screenshot from UFO VPN Privacy Policy


UFO VPN is not particularly clear about their encryption standards. They claim they use bank-grade encryption.

For a VPN provider, we expect details about the encryption used and the protocols implemented. UFO VPN can do a much better job of explaining what “bank-grade” really means.

On their page, they outline four protocols: A, B, C and D

Protocol A is designed to work with the fastest speed, which is good for most users.
Protocol B is specially designed for making video calls. For users who locates in the Middle East countries that block video calls, protocol B is the best solution.
Protocol C is specially designed to unblock the school/workplace firewalls.
Protocol D is the upgraded version for Protocol B. And it is designed with advanced ability to unblock the video call too.

Free vs Paid

UFO VPN stands out for its free plan – they give unlimited data which is pretty unique and definitely alluring to a lot of users. Of course, with the free option, you are stripped of a some of the features the paying customer gets.

Instead of 2000+ servers, you get to choose from 200. You don`t get priority support and the servers might be slower than the ones in the paid plan. So if you want to fully take advantage of the service we suggest opting in for the paid plan, that are one of the cheapest on the market.

UFO VPN Speed Tests

After having spent 2 days getting the paid plan top kick in we were able to run the speed tests on a mobile device. The Windows app never started working for us so we gave up on it. The speed tests where run on an iOS device using the Speedtest.net app.

The speeds were actually really good for some locations and the connection times fast but ads in the mobile app completely ruined the experience. I can completely understand ads in a free version because UFO VPN needs to make money to keep the service going but forcing ads on a paying user and in a very frequent and annoying manner makes this VPN very hard to recommend to anyone.

Surprisingly the closest server test (Estonia) showed a 45.5% drop in download speeds compared to baseline
Netherlands server
Germany was on par with Netherlands and Estonia
Hong Kong was disappointing as the speeds dropped significantly
UFO VPN speed test, Fmiami Florida
Miami, Florida was surprisingly fast


UFO VPN does not offer live support which is not ideal. During our testing, we came across an issue that needed immediate attention but we had to delay the testing because we were not able to resolve it fast. For us, the payment did not upgrade us from free to paid tier so we got stuck at the free version.

The email support was slow and really not what you would expect. The responses took a long time and although UFO VPN claims they have 24/7 support you will get stuck if you have urgent issues.

At the end, we had to cancel our subscription and ask for a refund as the service was not fully usable for us. The refund though was fast with no questions asked.


UFO VPN offers very competitive prices. If you want more than the free tier offers you can get started for 2.99USD per month for the 1-year plan or 7.99USD per month if you prefer to buy one month at a time.

But this is where UFO adds confusion to the mix. Once you buy a plan you get an email confirmation and reveals that the paid plan is split into TWO: Advanced and Premium versions.

Congratulations! You have got an advanced membership. We also provide more additional services for the premium membership. You can enjoy a New Year discount if you subscribe now. Check the differences between advanced and premium account below:

UFO VPN Purchase Confirmation email

Looking at the comparison table included in the email you will find out that you actually get LIMITED servers and locations, 1 maximum device and ADS in your apps. As you can see there is no mention of the limitations on the Pricing chart so this is incredibly misleading and seems scammy.

UFO VPN pricing page
Selecting the monthly plan you can clearly see a promise of 5 devices and 2000+ servers, no mention of any limitations
After signing up you find out that there are limitations to your account.

So after you have paid the listing price you find out that you need to pay more to remove the limitations. The funny thing is there are no instructions on how to upgrade to Premium.

APP usage

Surprisingly, UFO VPN has very high average user ratings in both Google Play Store and App Store.

Looking at the most recent comments in both stores people seem o be really pissed off at the most recent update that apparently increased the in-app advertising and ruined the user experience for the users.

App Store user rating
UFO VPN App Store user ratings
Google Play Store user ratings
Google Play Store user ratings

To be fair, if you manage to ignore the aggressive ads the app itself looks good and is easy to use.

UFO VPN app screenshots
UFO VPN app screenshots

UFO VPN Final Verdict


  • Fast
  • Decent mobile app
  • 2000+ servers
  • Has a free option

  • Windows app did not work for us
  • Very slow and unresponsive support
  • No live chat
  • Misleading prices
  • Ads in paid version
  • Privacy Policy could be clearer

The speed is decent and the FREE version has no bandwidth limitation. Those are the only good things about UFO VPN.

You are far better off with one of the top VPNs that are fast, cheap, reliable and have thousands of servers in all parts of the world and they are upfront about their pricing. At this point, we can not recommend UFO VPN.

We suggest Going for our 2019 Overall Winner ExpressVPN or our 2019 Best Valu Winner Nord VPN. Alternatively, you can check the Live VPN Speed Test to see which VPN is the fastest.

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